Hello Everyone thanks for visiting our website.. I am Prince Silvesten and my Dad Y.T.Micheal from Banknotecoinstamp.com .. We are in this Numismatics Business for about 30 Years Now. We have started Numizbid.com for Crazy Collectors who are interested in this hobby.. We are located in Kanyakumari, Nagercoil, Thuckalay, Numiz Bid is a Child Company of Banknotecoinstamp.com, we visit most of the exhibitions all over the world .. our Main aim is to Spread the Joy of collecting stamps, coins and stamps give awareness and encourage young collectors to start this Beautiful Hobby

Numizbid.com is an auction website we start our auctions at the lowest price so that all collectors can compete and win the Bid and Products … Numizbid.com is for collectors who are into banknotes, coins, and stamps .. Numizbid.com the best website for Online Collectible coins Banknotes auctions